Wainwright Coast to Coast Run/Walk/Crawl Story

by Maxx Lipman

Hi guys! Last month a good friend of mine (Dana Schwartz) and myself headed off on a trek of a lifetime. We embarked on a journey called Wainright’s Coast to Coast to raise money for the foundation. It is a 204 mile largely unmarked trail that starts on the west coast of England and ends on the east coast. It took us one week. One absolutely grueling week. Oh, and I assume it was obvious, but yes, we were using our own two legs for transportation!

It was a week that had me literally at times sitting on the side of the road battling to just take one more step. However, through the strength that Seanie gave me and the outpouring love and support, and of course the money *ching ching* that was rolling into the foundation, I knew there was no way I could quit. Seanie and the foundation mean too much to me to let them down. So, I continued to take step after step, and eventually Dana and I made our way to the east coast of England to complete a remarkable journey that I will never forget. The final numbers were: 204 miles, 42,200 calories, 324,500 steps, AND over $11,000 raised!!!


Julie Karl and Plexus Work Together to Donate

by Julie Karl

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Hi SKF Family! My name is Julie Karl and I am a cousin of Sean’s! I am a Product Engineer and work at Plexus Corporation at the Neenah Design Center in Neenah, WI. I work on a variety of products with a focus in the Healthcare and Life sciences sector. Plexus is a global leader in complex product design, manufacturing, supply chain, and after market services. Now you are probably wondering what my job has to do with the Sean Karl Foundation. I was fortunate enough to have been selected to participate in the 5th Annual BEST Competition sponsored by Plexus. BEST stands for Bringing Employee Success Together. This competition is a showcase of continuous improvement projects Plexus employees work on globally. The project I entered focused on creating an Engineering Change Order Standardization. My project was named the 2018 BEST Winner for the Engineering Solutions category. I am very happy to announce that my team and I selected the Sean Karl Foundation as our charity of choice for the proceeds. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to donate to this wonderful foundation that is near and dear to my heart!

Since I reside in the great state of Wisconsin, I have had limited opportunities to get involved in SKF fundraisers and I know there are others like me! Take this as the push to check out opportunities at your workplace or in your city to put on events of your own! You never know what you can get involved in and whom else you can inspire!

God is good, God is great!