With Covid cancelling all marathons, Mike, Sean’s Father, had to turn to other, creative ways to raise money and awareness for Ewing Sarcoma research.  Why not bike across America?  Sure! Why not?

With Mike biking…and Laurie trailing in a camper, they set out from Oceanside, California to begin the Ride Across America.  While biking in extreme temperatures (ugh, Arizona!), mountainous sections, dessert terrain, WIND (hello, Kansas!), dogs (yep, Kentucky)….Mike completed the 3,172 mile trek.  It was a very happy moment to arrive in Yorktown, Virginia after 24 biking days, averaging 132 miles/day, yahoo!

Check out our pictures from this awesome adventure…and we are happy to report that people from around the world were very generous in their support as we raised $55,000 for the cause.  Thank you to everyone for getting behind SKF in a huge way!